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Ryanne McLaren


Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona, USA
Education: BM Piano Performance and Organ Minor, Biola University
Torrey Honors Institute

Academic Interests
Throughout her studies with the Torrey Honors Institute, Ryanne came to love discovering parallels between diverse fields of study, such as a Boethian theology of fate and the character arcs of Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov. Similarly, she is always on the lookout for unique connections in theology and art, such as the search for the sacred in science fiction and particularly within works of dystopian fiction and the short stories of her favorite author, Ray Bradbury.

Due to her extensive musical training, Ryanne also has a deep interest in the incarnational role of music, especially when it is found in conjunction with her other passion, literature. She is especially concerned with the study and appreciation of sacred music and the interaction of text and music in choral and vocal literature. She sees this area of study as inherently practical, always seeking to go beyond theory and put her thoughts into practice as a collaborative and church musician.

Other Interests

When Ryanne isn’t drinking copious amounts of coffee and reading, she can be found practicing organ or accompanying for various musical ensembles. She is an avid runner, always looking for new trails to explore. She is also a passionate writer, editing an interdisciplinary blog, “Inkarnation Press,” which seeks to give a platform to aspiring artist-theologians, as well as constantly crafting her own short stories, poetry, reflections, and songs, many of which can be found on her personal site, “A Bookish Charm.”

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