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Bradley Buck

Bradley Buck HeadshotPHD CANDIDATE

Hometown: Pennsylvania, USA
Education: BA in English Literature and Philosophy, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 2017
MA in Philosophy, Boston College, Massachusetts, USA, 2019
MLitt in English Literature: Fantasy, University of Glasgow, 2020 

Thesis Topic
Bradley is working under the supervision of George Corbett. He gained an interest in the interplay between philosophy / theology and literature as an undergraduate, an interest which was refined at Boston College into a specific focus upon the Inklings and Thomist philosophy.  Bradley’s background in philosophy has been supplemented by his study of fantasy literature at the University of Glasgow, giving him the ability to pursue an interdisciplinary project that will highlight not just the philosophy of Tolkien, Lewis, and Chesterton but also the artistic and experiential impact of that philosophy.

Bradley’s key questions, at this time, are: What specific types of Thomism were the Inklings influenced by? What was their use of Thomism a reaction against, and how does this change  their use of art? How does their philosophy shape their experience of reality? What role does art play in this experience?

Further Academic Interests
Eastern philosophy (particularly Hinduism, Daoism, and Confucianism), Idealism, and the philosophical implications of  Quantum Physics. He also has a personal interest in the differences between Thomism and Eastern Orthodox Palamism.

Other Information
My wife, Elizabeth, and I have a daughter (Amelia, 3) and a son (Caedmon, 9 months). We are Eastern Orthodox but have a deep love for East and West. My only real hobby at this time is exploring the Scottish countryside by foot.

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