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Phoebe Norden


Hometown: Brighton, UK
Education:BA Theology and Religion, Durham University

Academic Interests
Phoebe is interested in art and creativity as ways of considering the human experience. She finds all sorts of areas of the artistic and creative world fascinating, especially pop culture, modern and contemporary visual art, and music. Theologies of creativity, imagination, inspiration, and theological anthropology drive her research, and she is fascinated by the ways in which ideas of some systematic theologians can be connected to the artistic process.

Theologians and thinkers which Phoebe is keen to absorb herself in include: St Thomas Aquinas, Simone Weil, Henri De Lubac, Augustine of Hippo, Ian McFarland, Sarah Coakley, and countless others, of course!

Other Interests
When she is not studying, (or sometimes during) Phoebe is always trying to fill the silence with music of some kind. She loves indie rock, post-punk, pop, indie folk, alternative hip-hop, pretty much anything! She also mimics these by playing the guitar, piano, and singing herself. Aside from that, Phoebe can be found charity shopping, reading, cooking, or just enjoying a night in the pub with some friends.

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