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Principal Staff

Dr Gavin Hopps is Senior Lecturer in Literature and Theology, and Director of ITIA.
He welcomes enquiries for PhD supervision in the following subject areas: literature and theology (especially Romanticism); religion and popular music; and the theological significance of comedy and humour.


George Corbett smallProf. George Corbett is Professor of Theology, and Director of Theoartistry.
He welcomes PhD enquiries in theology and the arts (literature, music, liturgy, architecture, the visual arts); projects analysing an aspect of Christian life, doctrine or experience through the arts in any period; and medieval literature and theology (esp. Dante and Aquinas) and their influence.

Prof. Judith Wolfe is Professor of Philosophical Theology.
She welcomes PhD applications in theology and the arts, especially the conceptual and/or historical study of drama, literature, and imagination in their theological and philosophical dimensions; 20th-century philosophy in its relation to theology (esp. Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Cavell,…); modern doctrine, particularly eschatology and hamartiology; and C.S. Lewis and his intellectual circle.

Dr Rebekah Lamb is Lecturer in Theology, Imagination and the Arts.
She welcomes PhD enquiries in the visual arts and poetry from the Victorian period to the present; the Pre-Raphaelites and their affiliate circles; medieval revivalism; affect theory (particularly boredom studies); interfaces between theology and film studies, journalism, and social media; Christian personalism, education, and liturgy.

Dr Caleb Froehlich is Associate Lecturer in Theology and the Arts. He specialises in theology and the arts with a focus on the intersections between religion, art, and culture from the 20th century to the present, especially as this relates to culturally engaged theology, biblical/theological reception, and religious experience.


Research Fellows

Dr King-Ho Leung is Senior Research Fellow. His works in philosophy, theology, and cultural studies have been published in journals such as Philosophy, Modern Theology, Telos, and Theory, Culture & Society. His research engages with various dimensions of culture—from the technologisation of society to the writings of Jean-Paul Sartre and Elena Ferrante to the (surprising) parallels between Gilles Deleuze and Taylor Swift.

Dr Sarah Moerman is a Research Fellow in Theology and Music. She is co-investigator of a research project titled ‘The Most Spiritual of the Arts: An Empirical Approach to the Relationship Between Music and Spiritual Realities’, funded by Templeton Religion Trust. Her research and teaching interests include music as theology; musical and theological pedagogy; liturgy; music therapy; and the interfaces between music and psychology, perception, and cognition.


Part-Time Faculty

jamesmacmillanSir James MacMillan holds a part-time professorship in ITIA, conducting workshops and working with research students.
James MacMillan is one of Scotland’s most accomplished living classical composers and conductors. More information about his work, including past and future performances of it, can be found here.

Dr Natasha O’Hear is part-time Lecturer in Theology & Visual Art at ITIA. She specialises in visual representations of the Apocalypse, and supervises research students in all areas of visual arts.


Honorary Staff

davidbrownnewProf. David Brown is Emeritus Professor of Theology, Aesthetics and Culture, and Wardlaw Professor. See publications.



trevorhartnewProf. Trevor Hart is Rector of St Andrew’s Episcopal Church in St Andrews and an Honorary Professor in the University of St Andrews. From 1995-August 2013 he was Professor of Divinity in the University, and founded the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts in November 2000 with Jeremy Begbie, serving as its first Director from 2000-2013. He continues to participate in ITIA’s research seminar and other activities and to supervise some PhD students within the Institute. His current research interests are focused on a theology of the senses, especially as these are relevant to the arts, and with particular reference to the doctrines of creation and the incarnation. He is presently supervising work on theology and theatre among other things, but is interested in receiving enquiries from anyone with a serious interest in the conversation between constructive Christian theology, imagination and the arts. See publications.

michaelpartridgenewMichael Partridge is Honorary Lecturer of ITIA. Michael Partridge was born in South Africa and studied physics and mathematics at Cape Town University. Coming to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar to continue work in theoretical physics, he chose to study philosophy instead. He taught philosophy for many years at Aberdeen University (and briefly at Aarhus University), later moving gradually into theology. Retiring early from Aberdeen, he is now Honorary Lecturer in the School of Divinity at St. Andrews. He has pursued a very wide range of interests within, on, and beyond the fringes of ‘anglo-saxon analytic’ philosophy, into areas involved in ‘continental’ philosophy, and into theology. A guiding concern has always been to relate philosophy and philosophy-formed practices, like theology, to the living concerns of people and societies (from which they spring) and to more concretely earthed practices like those of the sciences, literatures, religions, and practical ethics – asking also what various kinds of philosophical and other practices can and cannot do.



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