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Research Seminar

During the academic year, ITIA postgraduates, faculty and guests meet each Friday from 1.00PM to 2.15PM, unless otherwise noted in the schedule below. This page will continue to be updated as speakers are confirmed. This semester, most seminars will be held online. Occasionally, they will be in dual mode (online and in person).

If you are not already on the ITIA Research Seminar mailing list, and you would like to join us for the seminar, please email Dr Rebekah Lamb, rl89@st-Andrews.ac.uk

ITIA Seminar © Transpositions
ITIA Seminar © Transpositions


Martinmas Seminar 2021


17 – Dr Lenia Kouneni (St Andrews), ‘Exploring transcultural and monastic relations in a late Dugento triptych’

24 – Dr Natasha O’Hear (ITIA), “Reversing Babel? ‘Genesis 11, Bruegel’s Tower of Babel, and the EU.”


1- Dr Alana Vincent (University of Chester), title t.b.c.

8- Prof. Philip Mitchell (Dallas Baptist University), ‘“An Inner Meaning”? C. S. Lewis and Rival Versions of Metahistory’.

15- Dr Joel Mayward (George Fox University), ‘The Dardenne Brothers’ Cinematic Parables: Integrating Theology, Philosophy, and Film’.


29 – Prof. Bennett Zon (Durham), ‘Augustine on Music – Music as Divine Simplicity’.


5- Dr Michael Ward (Oxford),  ‘Reflections on The Abolition of Man’.

12-Erik Eklund (Nottingham), ‘Redemption and Metafiction after Lolita’.

19- Dr Chris Grey (Open University), title t.b.c.

26- Dr Lori Branch (Iowa), title t.b.c.

St Salvator’s Chapel © R M Dyer

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