Research Seminar

During the academic year, ITIA postgraduates, faculty and guests meet each Friday from 11AM to 12.45PM in St Mary’s College Hall for the ITIA research seminar. Coffee, tea and biscuits are served.

ITIA Seminar © Transpositions

ITIA Seminar © Transpositions

Candlemas Seminars 2019 programme


8 – Dr Peter O’Hagan (University of Toronto), ”Every Page of the Scriptures Witnesses’: The Trinity and the Bible in Peter Lombard’s Theological Imagination.’

15 – Dr Bruce Benson (St Andrews), ‘Liturgy as Fundamental Structure’

22 – Prof. Richard McGregor, ‘James MacMillan’s Changing Musical ‘Translations’ of the Passion Narrative’


1 –   Dr Dan Hitchens (Deputy Editor, Catholic Herald), ‘The Theology of Quotidian Hackwork: Reflections on Samuel Johnson Today’

8 –  Dr Natalie Carnes (Baylor University), ”Why this Waste?’: Art and Excess in a World of Need’

15 – Prof. Susannah Monta (University of Notre Dame), ‘Reading the Rosary in Post-Reformation England’

Spring break


5 –   Prof. Sabine Hyland (St Andrews), ‘The Knotted Landscape: Khipus, Rituals and the Senses in an Andean Village’

12 – Dr Louise Nelstrop (St. Benet’s Hall, Oxford), ”Complete Surrender’: A Short Documentary Film on Artistic Dialogues with Mystics and Love’

19 – Good Friday; no seminar

26 – Dr Stephen Tardif (University of Toronto), ‘The Dative Reduction: Hopkins’ Sacrificial Aesthetics’


St Salvator’s Chapel © R M Dyer