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Research Seminar

During the academic year, ITIA postgraduates, faculty and guests meet each Friday from 1.00PM to 2.15PM, unless otherwise noted in the schedule below. This semester, most seminars will be held online.

Occasionally, they will be in dual mode: online and in the SCR. Please email Dr Lamb if you wish to reserve a seat for the in-person sessions (space is limited).

If you are not already on the ITIA Research Seminar mailing list, and you would like to join us for the seminar, please email Dr Rebekah Lamb (rl89@st-Andrews.ac.uk)


ITIA Seminar © Transpositions
ITIA Seminar © Transpositions


Seminars with an * indicate that the session will be in person (dual mode).

Candlemas Seminar 2022


28- Dr Lenia Kouneni (St Andrews), ‘Exploring transcultural and monastic relations in a late Dugento triptych’


4- Dr Chris Grey (Open University), ‘Musical beauty and Maritain: Constructing a Thomist Philosophy’. 

11- * Prof. Peter Howard (Australian Catholic University), ‘The visual art of preaching: Theology and the Sistine Chapel Wall Frescoes.’

18- Rev. Dr. Donovan McAbee (Belmont University), title TBC

25- Independent Learning Week (No Research Seminar)


4- Dr. Tim deJong (Baylor), ‘Between Poet and Poem: T.S. Eliot’s Lyric Self.’

(this session will begin at 2:30 p.m.)

11- Prof. Anthony O’Hear (University of Buckingham), ‘“From mirrored truths the likeness of the True”: Reflections on Myth’.

18- Professor Thomas Pfau (Duke University), ‘Modern Literature and Christian Theology’

25- *Joel Clarkson (St Andrews), Title TBC


1- * Dr. Rebecca Walker (St Andrews), ‘Godlessness in the Writing of Elena Ferrante’

8- Professor Jessica Hooten Wilson (Dallas), Title TBC 

(this session will begin at 2:30 p.m.)

15 April Good Friday (No Research Seminar)


St Salvator’s Chapel © R M Dyer

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