Research Seminar

During the academic year, ITIA postgraduates, faculty and guests meet each Friday from 11AM to 12.45PM in St Mary’s College Hall for the ITIA research seminar. Coffee, tea and biscuits are served.

ITIA Seminar © Transpositions

ITIA Seminar © Transpositions

Martinmas Seminars 2019 programme


20 – Dan Drage (ITIA), ‘Looking Into Matter: Encasing the Material and Immaterial of Sculpture and Scripture’.

27 – Prof. Simon Gilson (Oxford), Prof. Lino Pertile (Harvard), Prof. Zygmunt G. Barański (Notre Dame), on Faith and Love in Dante (titles t.b.c.)


4 – Dr Christopher Wojtulewicz (KU Leuven), ‘Resurrected Flesh: Analogy and the Frustration of the Imagination’.

11 – Dr Giuseppe Pezzini (St Andrews), ‘Beren and Frodo: Tolkien and the Universality of the Particular’.

18 – Joy Clarkson (ITIA), ‘Greeting Death as a Friend: Harry Potter as Affective Practice’.

Independent Reading Week (No Research Seminar)


1 – Dr Taylor Knight (Institut Catholique de Paris), ‘Greek Cosmogonies and Phenomenological Accounts of Beginnings: Heidegger, Levinas, Merleau-Ponty’.

8 – Jean Lamb (artist), ‘The Stations of the Holocaust: Representation for All: An artistic legacy from New Testament texts as interpreted by Identity Politics’.

15 – Dr Elizabeth Ludlow (Anglia Ruskin University),  ‘Prayer, Praxis, and Christology in Josephine Butler’s Catherine of Siena: A Biography (1878)’.

22 – Dr Nicole Blackwood (Savannah College of Art and Design), ‘Was Made Flesh: Painting the Madonna and Child.’


St Salvator’s Chapel © R M Dyer