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Elspeth Manders


Hometown: Essex, England
Education: BA (Hons) Music, University of Oxford

Academic Interests
Elspeth is a musician and fine artist based in the UK. She studied Music at the University of Oxford and has since continued to engage with both music and art via her career as a Cathedral Succentor and her freelance fine art business.

Her interests include the ontology and phenomenology of worship in the contemporary praxis, particularly to do with notions of sacred space. She is interested in the intersections between music, theology, art and literature, and their practical implementation in church worship.

Other Interests
Elspeth is a pianist and sings in a local chapel choir. She is a composer of choral and piano music and has had works premiered across the UK. Recently she was commissioned by Essex County Council to compose a vocal quartet to reflect the work of horticulturalist Ellen Willmott, which was premiered by Electric Voice Theatre.

As an artist, Elspeth has carved her niche in oil painting, expressing imagery through an iridescent impasto style and impressionistic panache. Her works examine the safety and comfort of the quotidian, the beauty of the tangible surrounding world, and the wonder and unimaginable scale of the cosmos. She is currently working on a collection of paintings exploring sacred spaces across the UK, and recently exhibited the former part of this collection at the Maldon Arts Festival in Essex. She also paints murals, and is currently designing a stained glass commission for a new chapel window.

Website: artbyelspeth.com

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