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Natasha O’Hear

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Dr Natasha O’Hear is a part-time Lecturer in Theology & Visual Art at ITIA. Her research interests centre on visualisations of biblical texts, and of Revelation in particular. Having completed a DPhil in this field at Oxford University in 2008, she went on to publish it as a monograph with OUP in 2011 (Contrasting Images of the Book of Revelation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Art: A Case Study in Visual Exegesis [Oxford Theological Monographs]). She also held a lectureship in New Testament Theology at Worcester College, Oxford during this time. Since then she has published, with Anthony O’Hear, Picturing the Apocalypse: The Book of Revelation in the Arts Over Two Millennia (Oxford University Press, 2015). She is currently writing articles on visual exegesis, participating in an exciting interdisciplinary project at KCL with artist in residence Michael Takeo Magruder, teaching at an Academy in West London, and bringing up her two young sons.

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