Ewan Bowlby


Oxford, England

BA (Hons) Theology and Religious Studies, University of Cambridge

Academic Interests
Ewan is a doctoral student at the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (ITIA) in St Andrews, under the supervision of George Corbett. He is researching the possible benefits of using the arts to encourage and enrich dialogue between theologians and cancer patients, and meet patients’ need for compassionate spiritual care. Other interests include theological engagement with popular culture, the relationship between theology and humour, and the use of narrative form for theological expression.

Other information
As a keen singer, Ewan has always sought out opportunities to sing in choirs of any sort, and is involved in various ways in the excellent St Andrews music scene. In his spare time, he enjoys long walks, cooking and eating good food, reading, and playing football. He has been a lifelong Newcastle United fan, through which he has learned about ideas of eternal suffering and existential anguish.