George Corbett

Dr George Corbett is Senior Lecturer in Theology and the Arts.

He specialises in theology and the arts (across all periods, but with a particular focus on the Christian poet Dante Alighieri), and systematic and historical theology (with a focus on Aquinas and his influence, and on contemporary Catholic theology).

He is the author of Dante and Epicurus: A Dualistic Vision of Secular and Spiritual Fulfilment (Oxford: Legenda and MHRA, 2013), the co-editor of Vertical Readings in Dante’s Comedy, 3 vols (Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2015-17), as well as articles on theology, music, and literature. A list of recent publications is available here.

He is the director of TheoArtistry, a project bringing contemporary theologians and artists together, and of Cephas, a centre for the study of philosophy and scholastic theology.

Dr Corbett welcomes enquiries for Ph.D. supervision in the following three subject areas:

  • Theology, Imagination and the Arts, particularly:

a) theology, religious experience and the arts (literature, music, liturgy, architecture, the visual arts, film);
b) projects analysing an aspect of Christian life, doctrine or experience through the arts in any period.

  • Medieval Theology and its influence, especially:

a) the theologians Dante and Aquinas;
b) the wide variety of medieval literary genres and how these shape different kinds of theology.

  • Aquinas’ systematic theology, and its reception


Current PhD Supervision

  • Michael Anderson (with Prof. David Brown) – Visualising Scripture
  • Caleb Froehlich – Modern Art as Praeparatio Evangelica.
  • Jake Morley – Theological Aesthetics and the Poetry of Edmund Spenser
  • Sarah Moerman – Theology of the Cross: New Interpretations through Musical Passion Settings
  • Ewan Bowlby – ‘Spirituality, Art and the Cancer Patient’s Search for Meaning’: Meeting cancer patients’ need for spiritual care through the arts.

Successfully Completed PhDs

  • Dr David Wilson (with Prof. David Brown) – The Arts of Faith in a World of Progress: From Transcendence to Immanence
  • Dr Tim M. Allen (with Prof. David Brown) – Heaven and the Imagination