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“After the Call” – ITIA Exhibition 2018

6-15 April 2018 with a performance evening on 11 April. Transept hosts this year’s ITIA art exhibition as part of the “On the Rocks” arts festival in St Andrews.

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Weekly Research Seminar




Mingling smallITIA Research Forum (IRF)




ITIAExhibition (3 of 21)The Transept




Past (Highlights):

TheoArtistry Festival:
Sacred Music for the 21st Century
(March 2018)
ITIA Art Exhibition:
The World in Front of and Behind the Work
(June 2017)
TheoArtistry Composers’ Scheme
& Symposium
ITIAExhibition (1 of 21) TheatricalTheologyfull
ITIA Exhibition: Art of Theologians
(November 2014)
ITIA Conference: Theatrical Theology
(August 2012)
See the book
Theologyaestheticsculture2 offenceofbeauty
ITIA Conference:
Theology, Aesthetics and Culture:
Conversations with the Work of David Brown
(September 2010) See the book
ITIA Conference:
The Offence of Beauty
(September 2007)