Research Seminar

During the academic year, ITIA postgraduates, faculty and guests meet each Friday from 11AM to 12.45PM in St Mary’s College Hall for the ITIA research seminar. Coffee, tea and biscuits are served.

ITIA Seminar © Transpositions

ITIA Seminar © Transpositions

Martinmas Seminars 2018 programme


21 – Colin Jager (Rutgers), ‘Seeing What God Sees: Marilynne Robinson, Terrence Malick, and the Ontological Turn’

28 – Julian Perlmutter (Cambridge), ‘Against Kivy: Sacred Music and Affective Response’


5 – Maria Apichella (poet), ‘Modern Psalmists: a scholar-practitioner’s exploration of metaphor in the Psalms’


** 10 – Micheal O’Siadhall (poet), A Reading from ‘The Five Quintets’, at 7pm in the Senior Common Room, St Mary’s College


12 – Beppe Pezzini (Classics), ‘The Lords of the West: Tolkien and the poetics of veiling’

19 – Maggie Dawn (Yale Divinity School), ‘Writing the Self: Theology as Memoir’.

Reading Week


2 – June Boyce-Tillman (Winchester), ‘Queering Freedom: Music, Identity and Christian theology’

9 – Ian Bradley (St Andrews), ‘Sweet and Low – the Theology of the (mostly) Victorian Hymn Tune’

16 – Rozelle Bosch (Cambridge), ‘Incarnational Performances: Re-reading Pneumatology for the Sake of a Participationist Anthropology’?

23 – Giulio Pertile (St Andrews), ‘Devotional Phenomenology in the Poetry of Richard Crashaw and Giambattista Marino’


St Salvator’s Chapel © R M Dyer