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Joy Clarkson


Hometown: Monument, Colorado
Education: B.A. in Communication Studies – Rhetorical and Interpersonal
MLitt, ITIA, University of St Andrews
Visiting student at Oxford University studying C.S. Lewis, Literature, Science and Religion, and Theology.

Academic Interests
Joy’s academic journey has been a winding and adventurous one, driven by insatiable curiosity and a propensity to see the word as wondrous. In her undergraduate studies, Joy focused her research in religious rhetoric in film, narrative theory, the development of political movements, and interpersonal communication. Her deep love of theology and the arts led her to Saint Andrews, where she hopes to deepen her view of these intersecting subjects. She is interested in portrayals of exile in literature, the progression of the idea of redemptive suffering in George MacDonald’s novels, and the articulation of desire and fulfilment in popular music.

Other Information
In her spare time, Joy bakes, sings, reads, writes, dabbles in marketing, adores golden retrievers, and drinks too much tea. Joy and her brother Joel form the band the Two Benedictions, and have produced the EP’s Sun of Man (2015) and Honest Songs (2016) together. She also endeavours to faithfully post creative and personal pieces on her blog, Joyness the Brave (joynessthebrave.wordpress.com). Joy loves travel, adventure, deep friendships and long books, and she is unwavering in her belief that Yorkshire Gold is the best tea that exists.

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