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Evyn McGraw


Hometown: Greenville, Texas, USA
Education: BA in English with minors in Illustration and Philosophy, John Brown University

Academic Interests
Evyn has a disorganized smattering of interests and absolutely no idea how to narrow them down or give them any semblance of direction. As a practicing artist and novelist, she has always tried to understand the ways beauty might draw people closer to God. Academically, however, her interests range from fantasy and mythopoetic literature, to the intersection between philosophy and art in German Romanticism, to the writings of thinkers like Søren Kierkegaard and Simone Weil, to the Incarnational aesthetic exemplified by Dante, Flannery O’Connor, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and others. Anything with Eucharistic analogies will catch her attention.

Other Interests
One is likely to find Evyn lurking in the grass with a sketchbook or wandering aimlessly in whatever nearby location happens to have the most trees and sunlight. She also enjoys teaching, having taught a course in American Literature for a classical academy in her hometown. During her studies in Scotland, she continues to teach Medieval Literature over Zoom. Other interests include pulpy sci-fi novels, retro video games, and camping.

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