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Dante Clementi


Hometown: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Education: BA, Philosophy and Anthropology, The Johns Hopkins University
MA, Philosophy, The Johns Hopkins University
MA, Philosophy and Theology, Boston College

Under the supervision of Judith Wolfe and George Pattison, Dante’s thesis research concerns the intertwinement of language, speech, and silence, and the place of all three within both Kierkegaard’s theological anthropology, and his account of spirituality and spiritual life, as expressed in his religious discourses. Specifically, the research concerns exploring and explicating Kierkegaard’s account of various forms of language, speech, and silence in his many discourses on Matthew 6:24-34, as well as situating Kierkegaard’s thought in these discourses within his broader corpus by tracking thematic connections in both his pseudonymous and non-pseudonymous works.

Other Academic Interests
Aside from an interest in Kierkegaard, Dante’s other academic interests include the phenomenology of religious and aesthetic experience, the relation of language to those types of experiences (especially in the form of theorizing or explaining those types of experiences), and how accounts of self-transformation and becoming as recently offered by several Analytic philosophers (L.A Paul, and Agnes Callard) might be complemented and amplified through engagement with religious-spiritual accounts.

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