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Where theory meets craft

Transept is a place where the study of theology meets the making, practicing, and engagement with the arts. Where theory meets craft.

We are a postgraduate student-led group of multidisciplinary practicing artists and art enthusiasts within ITIA and the local community who share in-process and completed artistic work in any genre.

At the start of each academic year, ITIA postgraduates determine a meeting time and approach for the year, which may include potential exhibitions and performances as a culmination of artistic consideration of a particular theme. We meet regularly and informally to showcase, discuss, and sometimes make… art. We have been known to bring the world and its art into our churches, allowing ordinary and sacred divisions to blur. We have shared our work at academic theological conferences where art speaks into places language cannot fill. We encourage the reciprocation of our academic studies with our artistic exploration.

See information from previous Transept events (exhibitions and performances) for refreshing examples of what can happen in the interplay of theology, imagination and the arts.

For ongoing activities and future events, find Transept on Facebook.

Articles about Transept

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