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“space( )between” Exhibition 2019

Hosted by Transept

14-18 April 2019
(performances on 16th & 17th April)
at various venues across St Andrews

In liturgical time, Holy Saturday is a day of waiting, spiritual uncertainty, and liminality. To explore the theological and spiritual resonances of the Easter season, Transept brought together ITIA art-makers, local artists, and friends and family of St Mary’s to consider such ‘space( )between.’

This event took place across numerous venues in St Andrews, including Holy Trinity church, St Leonard’s Chapel, and St Mary’s Quad. The exhibition was as varied in form as it was in location: visual art, drama, music, poetry, and creative installations comprised a multitude of (sometimes very personal) theological reflections on the theme of ‘in-betweenness.’

The exhibition featured creative performances from Rev Dr June Boyce-Tillman, a friend of Transept, whose presentations were titled The Day Between and Job.

…the division between art and theology, which can sometimes seem like a chasm, is transformed into a space between, filled with constructive tension, conversation, and collaboration.” – Ewan Bowlby, Transpositions review

Read reflections on ‘space( )between’ with ITIA artist-in-residence, Dan Drage, and St Andrews artist, Letizia Morley.

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