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“After the Call” Exhibition 2018

Hosted by Transept

6-15 April 2018 (with performance evening on 11th April)
at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, St Andrews

‘After the Call’ offered space and time for celebration and reflection around the notion of being called unexpectedly to something unknown, or perhaps to something all-too-familiar that we suddenly realise.

Artists and performers responded to the theme of the TheoArtistry Festival 2018, ‘Annunciations,’ considering what might happen after the call. The exhibition featured artworks and performances from ITIA researchers as well as friends and family of the St Mary’s College community.

“The labyrinth, the church space and the creatively and thoughtfully integrated artwork of After the Call was a refreshing example of what can happen in the interplay of theology, imagination and the arts, and when we bring the world and its art into our churches.” – Karen McClain Kiefer, Transpositions review

Read the full review at Transpositions

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