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Sir James MacMillan Concert Premier – 16 January Livestream

Friday 15 January 2021

On 16 January, 2021, Sir James MacMillan will premier his 90-minute Christmas Oratorio at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. It will be live-streamed by the Dutch station NPO Radio 4, and available to listen to on their website afterwards. Sir MacMillan has described its composition as occupying all of 2019 for him, and as the next step in expressing his interest in the intersection of Catholicism, theology, and musical form. You may read more details on how the Oratorio came to be, its influences, and its difficult road to a premier, at VoxCarnyx.

Listen to the premier live, starting at 1.15 pm (GMT).

You will be able to find the recording on the NPO Radio 4 website after 16 January.

Sir James MacMillan holds a part-time professorship with ITIA, where he conducts workshops and works with research students.

For those also interested in the meeting of music and theology, ITIA and the University of St Andrews Music Centre recently launched the MLitt in Sacred Music, which is now accepting applications for 2021.

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