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ITIA Collaboration with the Hildebrand Project, Fall 2020

Friday 4 September 2020

ITIA is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Hildebrand Project this fall term as we launch a virtual reading group on Dietrich von Hildebrand’s seminal work, Aesthetics (volumes one & two). The reading group is co-run by Dr. Rebekah Lamb (St Andrews) and Dr. Mark Spencer (University of St Thomas), who are both Associated Scholars of the Hildebrand Project. The reading group is generously sponsored by the Hildebrand Project and will include guest contributions from scholars on both sides of the Atlantic, throughout the semester.

Participants will engage with Hildebrand’s thought on how beauty informs not only the arts and other disciplines (theology, philosophy, ethics, etc.) but also our everyday, lived experience. Special emphasis will be placed on Hildebrand’s consideration of beauty’s objectivity, of ‘beauty of the second power’ and his reflections on different arts forms, such as literature and music.

The reading group is at capacity but anyone interested in joining future sessions, reading groups or events related to Hildebrand’s life and thought are invited to visit the Events page of the Hildebrand Project website.



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