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New Undergraduate Module, Saints and Cyborgs, at St. Mary’s School of Divinity Starts this Term

Tuesday 10 September 2019

This fall, Dr.  Rebekah Lamb and Dr. Joanna Leidenhag will be teaching a new, interdisciplinary module they have co-designed for St. Andrews sub-honours students. This collaboration brings St. Marys’ Science-Engaged Theology and ITIA research to undergraduate education, covering a wide-range of disciplines, including physics, psychology, literature, film studies, metaphysics, Christian doctrine, intellectual history and aesthetics.

DI2009,  Saints and Cyborgs: The Imagination in Theology and Science introduces students to the study of science and theology, as expressed within the arts. This module is especially organised around theological and scientific ideas of what it means to be human, particularly as imagined in different artistic forms. From Aeschylus’s Prometheus Unbound to George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, with Julian of Norwich, Dante, Mary Shelley, Alister McGrath and Marshall McLuhan in between, the module engages with key questions concerning humanity’s place within the cosmos and our relationship to the divine, technology and everyday life and living.

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