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Jonathan Selstad

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Hometown: Yorba Linda, California
Education: BA in Biblical & Theological Studies at Biola University, member of Torrey the Honors Institute

Academic Interests
Jonathan became interested in pursuing Theology and the Arts after seeing first hand the importance of charitable reading through the Socratic discussions he participated in during his undergraduate studies. Being influenced by the Inklings’ views on stories and myths, Jonathan hopes to explore how C.S. Lewis’s thoughts on literary criticism could be in conversation with recent literary theorists such as Stanley Fish, Rita Felski, and Alan Jacobs. From this expedition, he wishes to develop a theology of art that is focused on charitability and applying such an understanding towards various fields such as biblical theology, education, literature, music, films, and even video games.

Other Interests
Gaining inspiration from the Inklings and Dante’s Divine Comedy, Jonathan has begun his own world-building and is currently in the process of editing his novel set in a universe of his design. But besides imagining a world beyond our own, Jonathan loves to hike and explore the beauty God has created in this earth; a particular goal of his is to backpack through the entire John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevadas. At home, he enjoys reading, cooking barbecues, watching movies (Lord of the Rings being his favorite), and the occasional video game.

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