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Giulia Privitelli


Hometown: Ħ’Attard, Malta
Education: MA (by research) History of Art (University of Malta); BA (Hons.) History of Art (University of Malta)

Academic Interests
As a licensed tour guide, Giulia has grown increasingly interested in the relation between the viewer and the viewed, in the perception and experience of space, and the efficacy of the arts in transmitting a view across borders, cultures and time. She is intrigued by the performative and dynamic relation between the “active” creator, the “animated” viewer, and the “passive” object, as well as the role of the “mediator”—be it human, visual, literary or, increasingly so, virtual—as a guide to perception and meaning-making. She finds herself particularly gravitating towards the mystagogical nature of religious cultural monuments as both a public and private space for physical and spiritual encounter.

Having had the opportunity to walk in the steps of many a great pilgrims before her, during her time at ITIA, Giulia hopes to delve deeper into the symbolism and ritual interpretation of pilgrimage church entrances as thresholds of engagement.

Other Interests
Perpetually attracted to the sea, you’re likely to find Giulia walking along the coast and looking out at the horizon with a notebook and pen jotting down some poetic verses. Otherwise, on a windy, rainy day—which is often the case up here—you’ll probably find her contemplating art in some gallery, watching a show at the theatre, or sitting in a coffee shop, writing, reading, overthinking, talking about anything thinkable, or just sharing a good laugh, usually with a wine glass within reach.

Also, mythology, etymology, puns, and kittens.

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