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Elizabeth Dunbar

Elizabeth Dunbar headshot


Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California
Education: BA, Art History and Catholic Studies, Seton Hall University

Academic Interests
Elizabeth’s work is heavily informed by the experience of growing up with exposure to different faith communities: Evangelical Christianity, Roman Catholicism, and Judaism. Wading through questions of identity as a young adult, she found that the experience of art was a beneficial place for dialogue and unity. This idea was further solidified in her work as a preschool teacher, where she saw firsthand the natural impulses to play and create that inform human experience and communication. She is interested in art as a space for building community and shared understanding, and brings her experience as an educator and background as an art historian to this work.

Recently, she has been interested in looking at the Jewish notion of tohu va vohu (“chaos, formlessness”) as a stage in creation and examining what that communicates about God, our relationship to God, the creative process, and the spiritual life.

Other Interests
Outside of her academic study, Elizabeth can most often be found gathering wildflowers on long walks, maintaining her sourdough starter, sipping on a coffee, or meandering museums and churches with her iPhone in hand to document and create Instagram story tours.

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