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Alexis De Weese


Hometown: Grand Rapids, Mich. USA
Education: BA in The Humanities and Creative Writing, Cornerstone University

Academic Interests
Out of her work as a digital marketer in publishing and her personal study of the theology of feasting, fasting, and hospitality, Alexis has spent the last seven years helping authors and creators develop hospitable digital spaces in order to invite those whom their art serves into conversation. She noticed such an approach was changing the creative process for authors as they could more intentionally serve the readers gathered around their digital tables.

Questions she’d like to explore include, for all the threats the digital landscape has posed to thoughtful artmaking, is there something to be gained from a relationship between the two? Can the practice of hospitality in an often-fraught space lead to more compassionate artmaking? Is social media really only a garbage fire, or is there something deeply theological waiting to emerge?

Other Interests
Alexis fears she is one-dimensional as her time spent outside of her academic work is spent reading as many novels as she can get her hands on. Beyond that, she loves wandering walks and hosting meals and lively conversation around her table. She is often found with a cup of tea in hand and is on a mission to make the perfect gourmet grilled cheese.

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