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Aaron Schepps


Hometown: Born in Chandler, Arizona, USA
More recently from Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Education: BA English and History, Hillsdale College

Academic Interests
Aaron came to be interested in the interaction between theology and the arts after writing on the Eucharistic implications of the Christological turn in Friedrich Hölderlin’s poetry. He is interested in Kevin Hart and others who are developing modes of reading poetry both phenomenologically and theologically. He has been reading William Franke and others who look at apocalyptic literature to ask what poetry can communicate at the margins of language and speakability.

Other Interests

Aaron and his wife, Megan, moved from Atlanta with their one year-old daughter, Penton, or Pen for short (pictured), whose current favorite activities include pointing at things with both hands at once and picking up imaginary objects off the floor to put them in her mouth and scare her parents.

Aaron taught English Literature at a classical charter school in Atlanta for five years and intends to return to the classroom after pursuing his degree. As an alumnus of a public classical school himself, he feels compelled to help students grow in mind and character by giving them a chance to have the same rigorous education.

Aaron loves listening to music, especially LCD Soundsystem, Dirty Projectors, Sam Amidon, and the delta blues. He enjoys the films of Aki Kaurismäki, the McDonagh brothers, and Jean-Pierre Melville. Aaron is an avid fan of several underachieving teams (namely, in descending order of achievement, the Arizona Diamondbacks, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Phoenix Suns, and Miami Dolphins) and is especially cursed with a deep love of Tottenham Hotspur. Being in Scotland pairs well with Spurs’ current form in helping Aaron further his enjoyment and knowledge of whisky.

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