Steven Vanderlip Jr

MLITT STUDENTsteven-vanderlip-jr

Clover, South Carolina

B.A. English Literature,
B.A. Political Science,
University of South Carolina

Academic Interests
Being a pauper of an aesthete, Steven is drawn to the study of the theology of aesthetics and the ways in which sensory and imaginative perceptions of beauty interact with Christianity. In this regard, he hopes to study the art of literature and, in particular, the literary canon, the schools of literary criticism, and individual authors of his home: the South.

Other information
Steven is Presbyterian but gives deference to the sacrament of penance as the only explicable reason he is a fan of the South Carolina Gamecocks. He loves the godfather of soul, James Brown, and plays a little banjo, but is generally not hipster enough to provide other information that would be of much interest.