Rebecca Hans

MLITT STUDENTrebecca-hans

Hometown Trio
Portland, OR; Birmingham, AL; Waxahachie, TX

Baylor University: Bachelor of Arts in English, Minor in History

Academic Interests
Passionate about the art of storytelling, Rebecca is interested in how stories interact with our religious experiences, either in literature, stage, or film, and what makes this interaction unique. Somewhere along the way, the church allowed art and storytelling to become a primarily secular activity. Rebecca is fascinated by this separation, its causes and repercussions, its continuation, and the ways in which the church suffers or benefits. She is additionally interested in the artists’ role as God’s creation, and is increasingly intrigued by the employment of other art forms as images in literature.

Other information
Rebecca’s reading list includes titles in literature, theology, history, and politics. Exploring these in thought and writing would keep her sufficiently occupied, but she is also a violinist with a love of the Romantic composers. All of these activities are likely to be done with strong black coffee at hand. A life-long golf patron (read, does not play) and lover of legends, Rebecca is beyond thrilled to be in St. Andrews, and looks forward to exploring and learning all the city’s mysteries.