Mariah Ziemer


Hometown: Idaho, USA
Education: BS in Studio Art; minors in Biblical Studies & Physical Education (Biola University)

Academic Interests:
As a visual artist, Mariah is fascinated by the art of seeing: how our perception of the world’s tangible landscapes mold and transform our inner landscapes of thought and memory. She explores how color, light, space, and other visual elements act as catalysts in our experience, and how our creative response deepens our understanding of (and intimacy with) God. Overlapping themes in the writings of John O’Donohue regarding Celtic spirituality and beauty have recently captured her curiosity.

Mariah is also interested in images of biblical narrative in the late Medieval church, how such images help / hinder our interpretation of Christ, and paintings from the Romantic and Impressionist eras. She is humbled to bring her story to the community and is very much looking forward to collaborating with artists and theologians outside her medium and expertise.

Other Information:
With or without a sketchbook in hand, Mariah loves listening to indie folk music, film scores, and the “On Being” podcast. She finds great joy from children’s literature and has even illustrated a recent publication; ideas are often stirring in her head for future projects. Although she misses playing football for her university, Mariah has switched out her boots for running shoes, eager to explore many of Scotland’s lush trails and coastline on foot. She is, perhaps, a little too obsessed with clouds, old books, chocolate milk, and–much to the liking of Bilbo Baggins himself–maps.