Liz Crichton


Born in Hertfordshire, England
Lived in Scotland for most of the last 20 years

BEng (Hons) and BCom (Hons) Manufacturing Engineering and Economics, University of Birmingham
Graduate Diploma in Theology, Kings College London
BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Highlands and Islands

Academic Interests
Liz is interested in the way in which visual and other contemporary art practices can help us to experience a sense of the Divine and recognise that within ourselves which is of God, expanding the limitations of our perceived reality and drawing closer to that beyond what we know.

Other information
Having spent over 20 years working as an engineer and safety consultant, Liz is enjoying the opportunity to explore possibilities emerging from working as an interdisciplinary artist.  Some of her work can be seen at Revelation Arts. She is married to Ron a farmer in Perthshire where she is involved in both the church and community.