Katrina Genuis

MLITT STUDENTkatrina-genuis

Background & Education
Katrina has come to Scotland from Vancouver, Canada where she is working as a resident medical doctor in the process of specializing in anesthesiology. Prior to attending medical school at the University of British Columbia, she studied chemistry and dabbled in theology, literature and art history at The King’s University in Edmonton, Canada. As a budding anesthesiologist, Katrina has a special interest in pain management, particularly the complex physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions of managing chronic pain. She looks forward to using the knowledge and skills gained through the ITIA Masters Degree to holistically care for those suffering from acute and chronic pain.

Academic Interests
ITIA encourages exploration at the intersection between human imagination, the arts and theology – a space that Katrina sees as highly relevant to the experience of pain and suffering. She is curious to explore how people have coped with suffering in times past and how this is expressed through the arts. She wonders how various art therapies and forms of spiritual care might be used to alleviate pain and promote wellness in tandem with physical treatment approaches. Finally, she is curious how arts and medicine can be better integrated in medical training to promote wellness, compassion and ethical decision-making skills in physicians.

Other information
While Katrina is in St Andrews, she looks forward to complementing her studies by exploring her own artistic side through writing, painting, reading fiction and poetry, knitting, playing the ukulele, gardening, and sampling Scotch. She is truly grateful for the opportunity to spend a year in beautiful St Andrews, living in a castle-esque building on a cliff by the sea. She looks forward to the challenges and joys of the year to come.