Kathryn Wehr


Minneapolis, MN, USA

BA Theatre Arts, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN, USA
MCS Christianity and the Arts, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada
MA Pastoral Theology, Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge, England

Thesis topic
Christology in Dorothy L. Sayers’ The Man Born to be King, under the supervision of Judith Wolfe.

Other information

Kathryn Wehr loves the writing of Dorothy L. Sayers for the way it stands at the intersection of creative work and creedal theology. These themes are clear in Sayers’ 1941-1942 Life-of-Christ radio drama series The Man Born to be King which also challenges listeners/readers to find fresh artistic means to explore theology and the Bible in our own day.

Before coming to ITIA, Kathryn was a university adjunct instructor in systematic theology, including developing a class which used visual arts, creative writing and performing arts to explore Christology and Soteriology.  She also led study groups on Patristic and contemporary theology, Sayers’ The Man Born to be King, and the Life of Christ in the paintings of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Her earlier work life focused on events, production, and writing for various Christian organisations in the US, UK, and Australia. 

Kathryn’s published work includes: journal articles in Journal of Inklings Studies, VII: An Anglo-American Review, Presence, Theology and Sexuality, and St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly, a Grove Book called Singleness and the Early Church, and two CDs of folk music: In Others’ Words and The Smell of Rain, which can be found on iTunes, Spotify, etc.