Jenna Schmidt


Hometown: Vista, California
Education: BA, English and Creative Writing, Biola University

Academic Interests: My research interests are focused on the interaction between pagan storytelling and the early British church, and how this influenced the nature of heroic literature in the past as well as the present. Specifically, I have worked on Beowulf’s use of language with dual sacred-secular meaning, but am interested in the whole of the Nowell Codex’s inclusion of both sacred and secular themes.

Other information: While I am primarily a fiction writer and poet, I’ve also done academic editing in a range of different fields, which has expanded my interdisciplinary interests, and I look forward to being in an environment that not only welcomes but cultivates intellectual variety. When not re-reading Beowulf or commentaries on medieval monster-stories, I can usually be found scribbling poems somewhere in nature, sketching out illustrations, or wandering in search of local hiking trails (that hopefully end in more good writing spots).

I appreciate thought-provoking conversations over a pint of the darkest, and as the youngest in a family of seven children, I fully believe in the unity of the table and, as a result, have been known to cook inordinate amounts of (usually Mexican) food. I’ve found that the most formative moments — whether discussions, texts, or just the way the light falls sometimes — have a tendency to sneak up on you, and have learned that one should engage life with a willingness to be surprised.