Erik Eklund


Puyallup, Washington

MA, Biblical and Theological Studies, Western Seminary
BS, Business Administration, Warner Pacific College

Academic Interests
Erik is fascinated by the analogy of God as author, and many of his research interests—which range from Bible and theology to philosophy and literature—pivot around this single analogy and its ethical implications for narrative interpretation and eschatology. Biblically, he focuses on Old Testament literary criticism as well as the gospel of Matthew in general. In all other areas Augustine serves as the figurehead. In theology and philosophy Erik is interested in early church history and its theological controversies, as well as the way Augustine is interpreted by later theologians and philosophers, particularly Karl Barth and Martin Heidegger. In literature Erik focuses on the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Vladimir Nabokov, especially their relationship to Christian eschatology as well as the latter’s interactions with Augustine in particular.

Other information
Before coming to ITIA, Erik worked as a high school Bible and theology teacher and served his church as Director of Music. He continues his post as an adjunct professor with the College of Ministry at Northwest University. As a teenager he studied classical piano at Pacific Lutheran University, but has since apostatized to jazz.