Dan Drage


Born and raised in Colorado, USA, then via Tennessee and Oregon, I’ve lived the past decade in Hanoi, Vietnam.

BA, Visual Arts and Humanities, Milligan College

Academic Interests
As a visual artist, I’d like to trace the intuitive thread which for me links the use of material in postmodern sculpture following Marcel Duchamp, the art object integrated into everyday and liturgical practices, the Celtic Christian tradition, and the eschatological redemption of ‘stuff’.

Other information
Since 2006 Dan and his wife Kimberly have worked in Vietnam with American and German non-governmental organizations, Keyway Associates and Allianz Mission.  Working alongside local Christians, they have carried out community development projects in communities throughout northern Vietnam.  Parallel to the NGO work, Dan has been a practicing artist, involved in Hanoi’s thriving arts scene. Dan’s most recent pieces, using watercolor on silk as well as wood assemblages to explore the qualities of everyday objects, was featured in a solo exhibition at Manzi Gallery, one of Vietnam’s preeminent art spaces.

Other interests include early American and Scottish folk music, the orderly chaos of Hanoi traffic as seen from within, well-crafted beverages, my two daughters’ improvisational storytelling, the stuff of life worn with use, old forests, dancing ceilidhs with my wife, and the lived Church practicing resurrection together.  There’s a linking thread through these, too, of course, which is best discussed over the afore-mentioned beverages.