Annie Konzelman


Hometown: Burlington, North Carolina, USA
Education: BA Comparative Literature and Art History,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Academic Interests
Annie is interested in the theological implications of art objects and different modes of artistic creation, particularly as they take shape in narratives concerning grief, empathy, and tragedy. While she has explored these concepts through various media, her main interest is in short stories, the devices they use, and unique formal aspects which allow them to develop emotive narratives and elicit responses from readers. More recently, she has begun to consider the implications of tragic and emotive literature as it relates to theologies of suffering.


Other Interests
As her undergraduate degree suggests, Annie is a loyal Tar Heel fan. She enjoys photography, coffee, fried foods and roller skating. Before moving to St Andrews, Annie has worked as a photography assistant for local galleries in the central North Carolina area, as artistic director for UNC’s Health Humanities Journal, and as curator for a student photography exhibition.