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Transept 2020 Art Exhibition, ‘Time and Again’, Showcased Online

Time and Again is the title of a multidisciplinary arts exhibition created by students and artists associated with Transept, the student-led artists’ group within the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (ITIA) at the University of St Andrews. Artists explored the themes of ‘time’ and ‘cyclical time’ from many perspectives, in many mediums and through the lens of faith. This exhibition was originally planned to be shown at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church in St Andrews from the 3rd through the 8th of April, 2020 as part of the university’s On the Rocks arts event. However, amid the growing COVID-19 health concerns the event had to be cancelled. This was devastating to this community of artists, especially the abrupt departures of several who had to return to their homes abroad. It was determined by the Transept admin team that the best response to the situation was not to quash the exhibition but instead to offer the artists’ work through a digital format. It was decided to host the Time and Again exhibition as an event from the Transept Facebook page. The exhibition ran for two weeks, as new artwork was added daily from the 9th through the 23rd of April. The hope was for the exhibition ultimately to reach a wider audience through virtual means in this time of isolation.

A dozen visual artists and two performing artists displayed their work and over 300 people were reached. In addition, at the culmination of the exhibition, an online performance was offered to the Time and Again artists and team in the spirit and style of Playback Theatre, which was to have been a performance in the venue during the exhibition to complement the artworks.

Letizia Morley, Artist-in-Residence from January, led the effort with the help of the coordinating team: Karen McClain Kiefer, Liv Mayoros and Sarah Moffitt. The following artists were featured:

Liz Crichton

Her work explores our hopes, fears, choices, chances and sense of identity. Inspiration comes from her surroundings, the environment and the people she encounters, together with her own spiritual journey. Working with a variety of media and in participation with the public, her work often contrasts the power of the natural elements with the fragility and temporary nature of life and the futility of human endeavours and seeks to inspire others to step out beyond what they know for certain. She is excited by opportunities to bring people together, to build relationships and explore together, in ways that create liminal spaces where for a short time perhaps the unimaginable becomes possible. Please visit for more of her work.

Dan Drage

Dan is a PhD candidate with Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in collaboration with ITIA, St Mary’s, St Andrews. He is also a member of Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

Kieran Gaya

Kieran Gaya is inspired by the artistic production of diverse persons as displayed in a unified context. He notes how progressive or drastic changes in the vernacular visual fabric transform the life of its inhabitants. His own diverse, third/fourth-culture, background imprints his artistic process. He uses mixed-media to express the timeline of his multi-faceted journey. Please visit for more about Kieran and his work.

Rebecca Howard

Rebecca grew up on the Isle of Man and then studied French and German at Oxford. She worked at the University Library in St Andrews for 8 years, then moved back to Oxford where she works at the Bodleian Law Library.

Karen McClain Kiefer

Karen McClain Kiefer, Director, is a PhD candidate in ITIA exploring theological and theatrical contexts of ‘empty space’ with emphasis on improvisation and Holy Saturday. Karen is a community theatre co-founder, director, improvisor, and a certified Advanced Practitioner of Playback Theatre. Her current practical work emphasises collaborative and improvisational storytelling (and producing/directing unconventional performances in unconventional spaces!)

Jean Lamb

Jean Lamb is a professional artist and associate priest in the Church of England with over 30 years experience of making art for and with the Christian community. She graduated from Reading University in 1979, specialising in Fine Art (B.A.Hons.) She then continued her studies in Theology, obtaining an Oxford Certificate in Theology from St Stephen’s House in 1984. Her postgraduate MA degree was in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University, 1988. Her website is

Julia MacLaurin

Julia MacLaurin trained at Wimbledon College of Art Foundation Course 1985-6 and Canterbury College of Art 1986-89. She is interested in energy and aliveness, trees and nature. Her recent work is about the earth, disintegration and renewal.

David McCulloch

David McCulloch completed his MFA (distinction) in Art, Society and Publics from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD) in 2017. He was awarded the John Kinross Scholarship to Florence in 2018. He is currently in a second year as Artist in Residence at DJCAD. In 2010 David co-founded the charity Morphē Arts. He also programs two gallery projects in Dundee – Nomas* Projects and Sharing Not Hoarding. Recent exhibitions include the RSA Annual 2019. For more of David’s work see

Letizia Morley

Letizia Morley is a representational artist who works in a variety of mediums including oil and watercolour painting, drawing, medieval style illuminated calligraphy and hand-drawn graphic novel-style comics. She is the current head of the Transept and the curator of this year’s ‘Time and Again’ exhibition. For more of her work please visit

Daniel Rattelle

Daniel Rattelle is a poet and arts journalist from Massachusetts and currently a postgraduate student at the University of St Andrews. His poems and prose have appeared recently in Measure, Dappled Things, The Columbia Review, and The Golden Walkman. His second chapbook, The Sleeping House (2018) is available from Eyewear Publishing. You can find him on Twitter @Drattelle.

Liesel Rios

Liesel Rios is a PhD wife and a graduate of Wheaton College with a degree in Studio Art. She has channeled the last 11 years of Creative Energy into gestating, birthing, breastfeeding, and homeschooling her 4 children. She thinks there ought to be a degree for that, like a badge or black-belt or something. This is her first re-assertion into the art world, a hand joyously raised at roll-call.

Laurentiu Tiberiu Stancu

Laurentiu Tiberiu Stancu, MSc. Arch., was born on 10.04.1980 in Craiova, Romania. He studied architecture in Bucharest, Ghent and Vaduz and is currently living and practising in Chur, Switzerland. His work tries to find the theological grounds of architecture.

Those who were to have figured into the exhibition but were unable to participate in the online event are:

Ashley Mowers and Mariah Ziemer, Artists-in-Residence in the autumn term 2019 who initially organised the Transept group for this academic year.

Liv Mayoros

Sam McKnight

Ryanne McLaren

Sarah Moffitt

Jane Pettegree

Kimberly Drage

**Postponed** Symposium: “Artistry and the Arc of the Atonement”

EasterArtistry logoThis symposium on “Artistry and the Arc of the Atonement” has been postponed and will be rescheduled in due course.

Centring on the Easter season specifically as a unifying theme, this one-day symposium invites researchers, theologians, and artists in interdisciplinary reflection on the ‘arc of the atonement’ both theologically and artistically.

The symposium aims to establish a collaborative environment for interdisciplinary dialogue and the exchange of expertise. Flowing out of past TheoArtistry events, this “EasterArtistry” symposium will build on momentum within both the School of Divinity and the University of St Andrews Music Centre in connecting arts and theological research with a range of creative opportunities.

Participants are invited to submit a paper abstract or submit a proposal for a panel discussion. Practising artists are invited to submit abstracts for an exhibition of artistic work (visual arts, poetic, musical) that engages with the themes of Easter.

The day will culminate in a choral and orchestral concert traversing the ‘arc’ of the atonement. Concert tickets are included in the cost of registration.

For more information, visit the TheoArtistry website:

Enquiries should be directed to:

Transept Exhibition 2020 — Call for Submissions

CALLING ARTISTS … of all media!

ITIA Transept Exhibition 2020 — Call for Submissions

Transept, a group of artist practitioners and theologians within ITIA (The Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts) at the University of St Andrews, will be holding its annual art exhibition and performances as part of the university’s On the Rocks festival: Friday 3rd April through Sunday 12th April 2020.

We will be exploring themes related to Time, including cyclical time. This theme can encompass a wide range of interpretations and related concepts.

We welcome artists and theologians to join us in forming this exhibition by submitting pieces of their own in any medium or to contribute to conversations helping to form these pieces.

If submitting art—visual, literary, theatrical, musical, or otherwise— enter a brief proposal into the Google Form, here,by Friday 31st January.

Further inquiries can be sent to Letizia Morley at

The proposal should include the following:

 Art medium

 Proposed concept

 Space required (i.e. how it will be displayed or performed)

 Number of pieces of art / performances

The proposal does not have to be a detailed description of what you will create but should indicate a commitment to the exhibition, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

You may propose as many pieces as you like but please be mindful of what you are committing to.

ITIA Sacred Music MLitt Launches

We are very pleased to share that our new MLitt in Sacred Music has launched and we are accepting applications for Fall 2020 entry.

The MLitt in Sacred Music offers a unique interdisciplinary formation in Sacred Music for musicians, scholars, and leaders in artistic ministry.

It is taught jointly by the School of Divinity’s Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (ITIA) and the University of St Andrews Music Centre.

For more information, see the following links:

Application Details

Promotional Video

ITIA Post-Graduates at Conference on Theology and the Arts (Cambridge University)

Our ITIA postgraduates are often traveling within the UK and far beyond, sharing their research at conferences, workshops and other events. We are delighted to spotlight five of ITIA’s students who recently took part in the ‘Theology, Creativity and the Arts’ Postgraduate Study Day, hosted by the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology at the University of Cambridge.

Participants and paper titles are as follows:

Annemarie G. Konzelman, ‘Long Play Liturgies: Capacious Forms and Religious Experience in The 1975’s Sophomore Album’

Sarah Moerman, ‘Reclaiming ‘Spirituality’: John Adams’ Agnostic Approach in Gospel According to the Other Mary

Ashley Mowers,  ”A People and Their Stories’: A Style Analysis and Gene Luen Yang’s Boxers & Saints

Jen Schmidt, ‘The Discipline of Interdisciplinarity’

Mariah Ziemer, ‘Colour, Perception and the Hue of Heaven’

Transept logo

Transept at St Andrews Theology and Trauma Conference

Transept was a co-sponsor of, and contributed artwork to, the 2019 Theology and Trauma conference at the University of St Andrews. Other sponsors included the LOGOS Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology here at St. Mary’s.

This conference took place between 12-13 of July 2019 at Holy Trinity in St Andrews and was free for all registrants.

Further details regarding the conference can be found here.

Find Transept on Facebook.


space()between | Transept Exhibition for Holy Week 2019

During Holy Week 2019 (14 – 18 April), Transept organised and put on a multi-format art exhibition, with emphasis on Holy Saturday as it serves as the “threshold between Good Friday which marks Jesus’ execution, and Easter Sunday which brings the hope of Resurrection.”

The following links, covering aspects of the Exhibition, may be of interest:

‘Art Exhibition Focuses on Mystery of Easter’

Reflections on ‘space()between’ with ITIA artist-in-residence, Dan Drage, and St Andrews artist, Letizia Morley.

Ewan Bowlby’s article, ‘Fragile Forms–Reflections on space()between and the Art of Holy Saturday’ for Transpositions.

Performance programme can be accessed here.





Rilke and Eliot Symposium

In March 2019, Professor Judith Wolfe (ITIA) and Professor Thomas Pfau (Duke) convened a four-day colloquium on R.M. Rilke’s Duino Elegies and T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets. Comprised of a small gathering of theologians, philosophers and literary scholars, the colloquium included ITIA’s Director, Dr. Gavin Hopps, Christoph Schwöbel (St. Andrews, Divinity), Rowan Williams (Cambridge), Malcolm Guite (Cambridge),Kevin Hart (Virginia), and David Wellbery (Chicago).

For further details, see the following reflection on the event, here.